Mobile exhibition

During VJ14 a mobile mini exhibition will travel with us in a series of suitcases. Art works, sketches, videos, books and objects in other forms will broaden our perspectives on the subjects in VJ14. The exhibition contains digital files that can be copied and is open for contributions. With work by Silvio Lorusso + Sebastian Schmieg, Olia Lialina, irational, Amaya, Eleanor Greenhalgh, Christoph Haag + Maria Guggenbichler, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Men in Grey and others.

Olia Lialina: Summer
A portrait of the artist swinging from one url to the next one. Each of the 21 images in this animation is hosted on a different server. The animation exists nowhere in its entirety and can only be seen online. 

Silvio Lorusso + Sebastian Schmieg + Amazon Kindle Users: Networked optimization
A series of three crowdsourced versions of popular self-help books. Each book contains the full text, which is however invisible because it is set in white on a white background. The only readable text consists of the so-called “popular highlights” – the passages that were underlined by many Kindle users – together with the amount of highlighters. Each time a passage is underlined, it is automatically stored in Amazon’s data centers.

Men in Grey + Mikael Brain: H1606: Field Officer Protocol
“We are the direct manifestation of a Citizen's Network Anxiety; our metal and flesh yields from a citizen's networked fears, doubts, delusions and the lies of others. We carry the signal and as such are a part of that signal. What passes through the air will pass through us. We span the space between the invisible and the corporeal; as Adaptors comprised of flesh and metal, we capture and reconstruct that which hides in the air. We are the lightning in an age of Cloud Computing.”

Anne Laure Buisson + An Mertens: L'analyse des données
An Mertens interviews statisticien Anne Laure Buisson, who compares the  practice around  privacy-sensitive data in the medical world to litterary genres.

Christoph Haag + Maria Guggenbichler: Generative VJ14 collage
The posters for Verbindingen/Jonctions #14 are all unique.  On an offset printed base layer, collaged images were printed in black and white, by passing the posters through a printer, one by one. The white table porcelain carries images of gender, technology and communication.
The animation in this suitcase shows a sequence that was generated from the collage elements. With thanks to Colm O'Neill. 

Eleanor Greenhalgh: Tech Support
The system administrator kneels to fix her computer, in return she sews up a hole in his trousers that has resulted from his performing this task repeatedly. A performance exploring gendered skills, cooperation and power. 

Irational: Job description for root on a collective server
In 2010 art-server, irational.org, made an archived copy of itself, presenting a disk artefact with 18 years of historical data for archaeological translation. Before being disposed of, or interred for collection, any archaeological dig of this disk makes the owners of its data vulnerable and threatens the security of the living server as a data home for members and associates. Access must therefore be carefully managed via a ‘secure access protocol’. Those with root access were the first to be instructed.

Exposition mobile

Tout au long de VJ14 une petite exposition mobile voyagera avec nous dans une série de valises. Des oeuvres d'art, des sketchs, des vidéos, des livres et d'autres objets élargiront notre perspective sur les sujets abordés dans VJ14. L'exposition contient aussi des fichiers numériques qui peuvent être téléchargés librement et reste ouverte à de nouvelles contributions. Avec des oeuvres de Silvio Lorusso + Sebastian Schmieg, Olia Lialina, irational, Amaya, Eleanor Greenhalgh, Christoph Haag + Maria Guggenbichler, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Men in Grey et autres.

Mobiele tentoonstelling

Een mobiele mini expositie reist gedurende VJ14 met ons mee in een serie koffers. Kunstwerken, schetsen, objecten, videos, boeken en andersvormige objecten verruimen ons blikveld. De collectie bevat ook digitale objecten die kunnen worden gedownload en staat open voor bijdragen. Met werk van Silvio Lorusso + Sebastian Schmieg, Olia Lialina, irational, Amaya, Eleanor Greenhalgh, Christoph Haag + Maria Guggenbichler, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Men in Grey en anderen.

Are you being served?

On s'occupe de vous?

Wordt u al geholpen?

Verbindingen / Jonctions 14

A feminist review of experimental server technologies · Een feministische kijk op experimentele servertechnologie · Un regard feministe sur la technologie du serveur

12.12 - 15.12.2013

Recyclart · Constant Variable · w-o-l-k-e · La Poissonnerie